Eastern Bosphorus strives for excellence in creating and managing the entire life-cycle of distributed software systems working with and on break through technologies as Cloud computing, no-SQL databases, 3D printing, Google Glass applications.


Eastern Bosphorus professionals have wide varieties of skills spanning distributed, desktop, and mobile architectures, Amazon Cloud services. 

Goal oriented system architects, algorithmic geeks, server gurus, and automated testing advocates. 

Creative decisions and out-of-the-box solutions mixed with reliability, experience, and trust this is what our customers value and this is why they come to us.



The project's acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

The idea behind the project is to introduce 3D printing and rapid prototyping into the K-12 programs by leveraging and transforming knowledge, experience and skills of the professional educators and authors into the next generation approach to teaching physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering to kids and adults across the globe.


Google Glass based client application for sports enthusiasts powered by a cutting-edge analytic backend and integrated into popular social networks.

And many more... 

We wish we could tell you more here, but we respect signed NDAs... which, for any reasonable customer should sound as a good sign :)

Questions? contacts@ebosphorus.com


The R project

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